Adlerwud Enters into Thin MDF Manufacturing with New Lines

person access_time3 15 May 2024

Adler Wood India Pvt Ltd., a leading MDF manufacturing company in India by the brand name ADLERWUD, has expanded its operations further in the MDF/HDF space. Known for its commitment to quality, the company has consistently produced MDF/HDF wood panels with thickness ranging from 7.5 mm to 25 mm on its new imported manufacturing line at their Greenfield facility in Punjab close to Ambala.

Now, ADLERWUD is poised to begin production on a newly installed line that will manufacture MDF/HDF with a thickness of less than 6 mm. The company has invested more than Rs 80 Cr in this brand new stateof-the-art imported thin MDF manufacturing line. The technology employed is the latest version of calendar press-based technology, designed to ensure uniform thickness and cost-effective base material production in MDF and HDF.

ADLERWUD aims to produce 5.5 mm and 4 mm XDHMR (Extreme Density & High Moisture Resistance). With this enhanced capacity, the company will facilitate uninterrupted supply of pre-laminated thin boards as well. Notably, ADLERWUD currently had an installed capacity of 250 CBM (cubic meters) until 2023. Now, with the combined capacity, ADLERWUD will be one of the first company in Upper North India to produce MDF across all thicknesses, ranging from 1.9 mm to 25 mm.

The company’s facility spans an area of more than 20 acres comprising of both MDF production lines and value added lines which include Short Cycle Lamination department. ADLERWUD offers a wide range of more than 100 pre-laminated designs in various textures and finishes. AdlerWUD has been making significant strides in both the eastern and western parts of India, supported by its sales and marketing team of 50 sales professionals and a robust manufacturing setup. As a part of its growth strategy, AdlerWUD plans to double its sales team by end of 2024-2025.

In terms of revenue, AdlerWUD aims to achieve and add substantial sales revenue with the addition of a new production line during FY25. The company’s focus remains on high value-added products such as XDHMR and BoilMAX, including pre-laminated boards. Shortly ADLERWUD would also be foraying into High Gloss UV & Acrylic Boards and embossed panels for door skins and other applications.


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