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Choosing Century Prowud Mdf? Here's Your Go-to Guide For Different Grade Selections

When it comes to crafting exceptional furniture and creating stunning interiors, Century Prowud stands as a reliable name in the industry.

Wednesday, 17 April 2024, 4 Min Read

Particle Boards Industry Need To Get Isi Mark Now

Indian Particle Board Industry has very short of time to get ISI Mark because the deadline for them is 10th of February, 2024 as per BIS Quality Control Order.

Saturday, 02 December 2023, 3 Min Read

Action Tesa Introduces Studio On Wheels: A Revolution In Home Design And Renovation

Action Tesa, one of India’s largest manufacturers and a pioneer in latest innovations of MDF/HDHMR & Particle Boards in India, is proud to introduce the "Action TESA Studio on Wheels.

Wednesday, 29 November 2023, 3 Min Read

Greenlam orders particleboard plant from DIEFFENBACHER

Greenlam South Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Greenlam Industries Limited headquartered in New Delhi, India, has ordered a high-end particleboard plant from DIEFFENBACHER for its new manufacturing facility in Andhra Pradesh.

Friday, 09 September 2022, 3 Min Read