ILMA ADVISES TO RE EVALUATE LAMINATE COST - Steep Jump in Raw material prices pushing producers for Price Increase

person access_time2 07 June 2024

Indian Laminate Manufactures’ Association (ILMA) advises each member of the industry to investigate their cost of production in the current situation where there has been a hike in various raw materials and other overhead costs. ILMA estimates the cost effect for the various segments such as Rs 40 and Rs. 25 on 1mm and 0.8 mm per sheet respectively. Besides, it has also suggested Rs. 30 on 0.9 mm, Rs 15 on 0.7mm and Rs. 20 on compact laminates  per mm.

ILMA advised to have a standard folder distribution policy at the rate of 2% of sheet sale for 0.80 mm thickness and 2.5 % to 3.00 %of sheet sale for 1.00 mm thickness. Any requirement of catalogues beyond this should be billed at promotional cost at Rs 1500 per folder for 0.80mm Range and Rs 2000 per folder for 1.00mm Range.

In accordance with the current MSME section, ILMA strongly suggests a credit cycle of max 45 days to 60 days for a better working cycle. ILMA will take up the matter of mandatory BIS for the benefit of customers and the Laminate Industry. 

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