Economical Grade Flush Door Demand On Rise

person access_time   3 Min Read 15 February 2021

Latest Ply Reporter findings indicate that the flush door manufacturers are receiving a recovery in orders specially in economical grade doors. The distributors are curious and searching cheap door producers which can be sold on below Rs 90 range. The rise in queries for cheaper versions of doors are led by dominance of looks and surface materials that is able to hide the substrate quality. The dealers are approaching doors manufacturing clusters in Andhra, Karnataka, Yamuna Nagar and Gujarat for such economical doors that are starting from Rs 60 onwards to full fill their price requirement.

The Ply reporter has observed that since the time, when laminated doors and membrane doors have become popular in retail markets, the economical grade flush doors demand is rising. But 2021 beginning indicates revival of economy and government thrust to affordable housing, thus fortifying the demand of economical grade doors in even smaller towns. HDF skinned doors, laminated doors and membrane foiled doors are fueling the need of cheaper filler kind of doors now that will eventually accelerate the demand for more of unequal batten filled core or ‘JABDA’ doors.

The Ply Reporter conducted a survey among the door manufactures in Gujarat. It reveals that majority of quantity orders are demanding sub 65 rate door which is actually indicating the changing consumer preference from heavy and solid towards design and aesthetics. The study also reflected that unlike laminate or plywood, doors category has seen a rise in fragmentation and regionalization due to non-standard size practices. The reason is leading to present state where every day, distributors approach producers for economical door solution. On the contrary Door Frame market is seeing revolution.

The Ply Reporter findings from Haryana, Kerala, Tamilnadu reveal that the dealers and distributors are approaching to the door manufacturing clusters there for economical grade doors. The study says that in coming times the demand of economical grade doors will further increase. The buyers of good quality PF grade doors are also there in the market in good number and its demand is increasing but correspondingly the demand of economical grade doors is much more than that of the high-grade doors PF doors of above Rs. 70 range in flush doors. Branded doors producers also have sufficient orders to meet their customers demand, whereas some organized door brands see the good future of Pre-Hung Finished doors, to earn better margins and be ahead in fierce competition among cheaper segments.

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