Ply Reporter 'सवाल बाजार के' with Mr. Pragat Dvivedi & Mr. Rajiv Parashar & Mr. Varun Raheja

person access_time   Sunday, 05 May 2024

Ply Reporter's 'सवाल बाजार के' with Mr. Pragat Dvivedi, Founder, Ply Reporter & IIR, Mr. Rajiv Parashar, Editor, Ply Reporter and Mr. Varun Raheja, Modern Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. on Ply Reporter's YouTube Channel.

Discussion Topics:
बाजार का हाल रिटेल के दृष्टिकोण से
Q. कैसा है कंज़्यूमर सेंटीमेंट?
Q. कैसी है डिमांड की स्थिति?
Q. कब से सुधरेगा बाजार?
Q. लिक्विडिटी की कमी क्यों?

About 'सवाल बाजार के'
‘सवाल बाजार के’ is a program that aims to answer the confusion and queries of the Indian Wood Panel and Indian Interior Infrastructure Industry and Trade. It is a brief conversation in Q & A format which will help every stakeholder of the Building Material, Interior, and Exterior Sector.

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