The Gabonese Army takes over the country! Wood sector in Catch 22 situation

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The Gabonese Army has taken over power in the country, declaring the recent election held on August 26, 2023, null and void. They said, "We have decided to defend peace."  This statement has been given on behalf of the Committee for the Transition and Restoration of Institutions.

A dozen Gabonese soldiers appeared on television Wednesday announcing they were "putting an end to the current regime" and the cancellation of an election that, according to official results, President Ali Bongo Ondimba won. While announcing the cancellation of the results one of the soldiers said "all the institutions of the republic" had been dissolved.

A number of Indian companies have been invested in the wood and panel processing sector in Gabon SEZ. There are over 40 veneers and plywood manufacturing establishments with large investments from Indian companies. Also, a large number of Indian professionals and workers are directly employed in those establishments.

According to a report from NKOK SEZ, the wood industries are functioning comfortably, and security arrangements are also good now. An NKOK official says that wood industries and workers in GSEZ are safe, they are taking utmost care. They are advised to stay at their home.  

Veneer producers in GSEZ say that the situation is normal in GSEZ, and all are safe because of good security arrangements. They will wait for the move of the new administration and further political scenario in Gabon, and they are in a wait and watch situation. Indian workers are safe in GSEZ.      

Earlier, due to the election, for over a week the internet was suspended and the supply of goods was not proper. 

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