Dozens of Brands Offer Anti-Virus Panel Products

person access_time   3 Min Read 07 December 2020

Covid Pandemic has unleashed an opportunity to bring health, hygiene, anti-bacterial and even antivirus product feature by wood and decorative panel manufacturers in India market. According to products update and new launches gathered by the Ply Reporter, a dozen of plywood, laminates, MDF and Particle boards manufacturing companies have introduced Anti-Virus products during last two months. The companies claim that products are anti-virus and it may even kill up to 99.9 % virus, if it comes in contact of its surface. The Antivirus feature is becoming a sought-after selling plank in less than 3 months time, since the first mover Century ply introduced this USP in market.

Architects, Interior Designers and furniture makers are reportedly welcoming such features as many of their clients do ask the preventive technology against virus or bacterial spread. The initiative of Indian wood panel and laminate companies are not the only in building material segment, instead Tiles companies, Fabric makers, Paint producers etc too are offering this Anti-Virus feature in their product offerings. Although the claims made by companies are yet to find a scientific evidence as Ply Reporter tried to find solid basis of these but they have certainly been able to create a soothing and safe feeling among contractors and specifiers related to the trade. The wood panel industry technical experts and scientist do not accept the claim of killing the virus automatically if it comes in contact to the surface, but they believe that such initiatives at time of need is good for consumers as well as industry because it further establishes the need of scientific innovation and health friendly products as a permanent need.

Post Covid, the living behavior of human beings have been changed. People have become more cautious on health and cleanliness, and health friendly Furnitures are a priority in imminent future. The product range offered on Anti Virus Plywood, Anti Virus laminates, Anti Virus Pre-laminated Boards, Anti Bacterial laminates, Anti Fungal Plywood and laminates, Zero Emission Plywood, CARB certified Panel Products are slowly catching up the buyers attention specially now. The influencers and OEMs revealed that such products with solid scientific basis will help them to advise Health friendly products to customers and also help in export of Make in India furniture. Indian Panel and Decorative Laminates companies have understood the need of present challenging time thus moving forward to find solutionbased product range here on.

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