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Union Budget 2024: Massive allocations in Infrastructure and Housing may spur demand in Wood Panel sector

As per Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Indian economy is on a strong wicket and stable footing

Tuesday, 23 July 2024, 3 Min Read

A Quality Product Always Transcends the Terrestrial Boundaries

Our recent session of the Viewpoint brings into focus one of the most glossed over issue in Plywood industry.

Tuesday, 09 July 2024, 10 Min Read

Kajaria Ply Introduces 16 Caliberr

16 CALIBERR, a 16 mm ply, by Kajaria PLY is sturdy and durable plywood to take your furniture projects to the next level.

Thursday, 04 July 2024, 2 Min Read

केमिकल की कीमतें बढ़ने से रेजिन की लागत लगभग 8 प्रतिशत बढ़ी, तैयार उत्पादों की कीम

बढ़ती लॉजिस्टिक लागत और अंतर्राष्ट्रीय आपूर्ति श्रृंखला से संबंधित मुद्दों के अनुरूप लगभग हर केमिकल की कीमत तेजी से बढ़ रही है।

Thursday, 27 June 2024, 3 Min Read