MATECIA Exhibition India wins the Star Debut Show Award | Exhibition Excellence Awards 2023

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After a stringent presentation before the jury, MATECIA Building Material Exhibition was conferred with the "Star Debut Show Award" at the Exhibition Excellence Awards 2023 in a scintillating gathering at the India Expo Mart Noida, SURFACES REPORTER (SR) fills in the details.

Businesses thrive on individuals and organizations eager to drive change, as the fruition of their efforts keeps the economy supercharged. When dreaming big, it goes without saying that the impact of such dreams is profound, touching all segments of society.

Kai Hattendorf, CEO of UFI, The Global Association of Exhibition Industry, declared MATECIA 2022 the winner of the prestigious Star Debut Show Award.

While announcing the award, Kai Hattendorf, CEO, UFI, The Global Association of Exhibition Industry said, “It's so great to honour shows that have grown, and matured and become really big but these are the most important ones for the next couple of years so give it up for all the finalists. But there can be only one winner and that is MATECIA 2022”

Vertica Dvivedi, Director of MATECIA presented before the jury. Madhurima Chowdhury, Associate Director, WADE ASIA joined her while receiving the trophy. They were overjoyed to find MATECIA nominated as a star debutant alongside prestigious events like India Gem & Jewellery Show (GJS) 2022, Silver Show of India 2022, IndiAirport 2023, INDIA EV 2022, and PackMach Asia 2022. Each finalist had meticulously designed an event dedicated to their area of expertise and it was evident in the presentations they had made.

Vertica Dvivedi, Director of MATECIA, and Madhurima Chowdhury, Associate Director of WADE ASIA, stood side by side to accept the trophy together

One year ago, MATECIA was born as a dream, and it continues to shine in 2023 on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th September at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The idea behind MATECIA in 2022 was to create an event addressing the multiple needs of the architecture, design, and construction fraternity. Impeccable planning and effort ensured that the first edition of MATECIA materialized on time. A detailed market research was conducted to arrive at solutions, and the industry responded favorably with leading 207 exhibitors & sponsors joining the debut edition.

Vertica Divivedi elaborated on the idea behind the exhibition, stating that MATECIA in 2022 was conceived to cater to the diverse requirements of the architecture, design, and construction community

Debut events are bound to have some shortcomings, but MATECIA's advantage lies in being managed by professionals with over 20 decades of experience and the team behind popular magazines like Surfaces Reporter, Ply Reporter and Furniture Design & Technology. Their expertise led to innovative approaches; including knowledge sessions, LIVE product launches, and meaningful phygital connections from the outset.

Madhurima Chowdhury (L)  and Vertica Dvivedi (R) proudly displaying the award they have received.

MATECIA's success is also attributed to concurrent events like WADE ASIA and IIR (India Interior Retailing Conference and Awards). WADE ASIA stands out as the only event acknowledging women-led-development in architecture, design, engineering, and construction. Similarly, IIR catering to the retail segment focuses on industry-relevant topics and enables companies to connect with the right market partners. In the 2023rd edition of IIR, they are raising the bar further by including a summit India Furniture Conclave specifically dedicated to the business of Furniture, Kitchens, Hardware and Wardrobes.

The 2023 edition of MATECIA EXHIBITION is happening on the 22-23-24 September at Pragati Maidan Delhi, housed in 7 halls in an area of 3 lac square feet and more than 250 exhibitors.

The Matecia team exudes happiness as they confidently exhibit their award

It goes without saying that an event of this scale requires seamless teamwork among multiple individuals who are dedicated to the collective goal of enriching the lives of others beyond their own. Moreover, even the most motivated souls need that extra push of motivation to go the extra mile and reflect back with a smile, knowing that their efforts were truly well worth it.

MATECIA was born as a dream, and it continues to shine in 2023 on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th September at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Ms Chowdhury said, “It was a truly surprising and humbling moment for us to emerge as the winner of the ‘Star Debut Award’. At MATECIA, we are sincerely grateful for the recognition we have received. As our journey continues, we eagerly anticipate achieving many more milestones while serving the exhibitors and sponsors in the best possible way.”

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