Centuryply Commences Commercial Production of Its AP Based MDF Plant

person access_time3 21 May 2024

CenturyPly has started its commercial production of a newly set-up MDF unit in Andhra Pradesh on 27th March, 2024. The Company has invested Rs 700 crores in MDF and INR 250 crores in laminates and PVC in the first phase at this plant. The new unit will increase their production capacity in MDF plant by 950 M3, which will double their footprint in MDF.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Keshav Bhajanka, the Executive Director CenturyPly, said. "The commencement of commercial production of MDF, a significant stride forward for Centuryply, epitomises its commitment to excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction. With a dedicated team and cutting-edge technology, we are poised to redefine the industry benchmarks and emerge as a paragon of quality and reliability."

"In fact, we are happy that we have doubled our mediumdensity fibreboard (MDF) capacity from 900-1900 CBM. This new capacity increase will not only boost revenue but also growth of the brand. Additionally, we are also planning to achieve 20 percent volume as well as value of growth."

Century Ply MDF production line is of Siempelkamp Make which is regarded as the industry-leader in Conti Press lines. There are many standout features in the entire production line, for example a state-of-the-art Mat scanner which plays a pivotal role in identifying poorquality boards before production, ensuring a higher quality standard of finished products and reinforcing their commitment to delivering superior quality.

The inclusion of an adjustable magnet in the mat former is a strategic choice aimed at reducing machinery downtime during transitions between different thickness requirements. Furthermore, the plant features an advanced press fume system, ensuring minimal emissions within the facility and aligning with environmental standards.

Safety takes centre stage throughout this production line. Every facet, from the Mat former to intermediate storage, is equipped with high-end safety features. This emphasis on safety not only prioritizes the well-being of their personnel but also safeguards the integrity of their equipment, contributing to a secure and reliable manufacturing environment.

Notably, the facility is designed with provisions for extending the press, demonstrating flexibility and scalability for potential future increases in production capacity.

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