Modak Comes in A New Avatar: No Compromise to Zero Compromise Plywood

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Modak Plywood has come with a New Avatar and has introduced Modak-Zero compromise ply. Earlier it was called Modak – no compromise ply. The company has launched this new look of brand Modak during its Eastern UP Dealers’ conference held in Varanasi. The meeting was attended by more than 100 channel partners from Ajamgarh, Jaunpur, Gazipur, Ballia, Mubarakpur, Mau, Rampur, Varanasi and other nearby cities.

The launching program started with Ganesh Vandna and the lamp lighting by the honorary guests: Mr Gagan Aggarwal, MD Marketing –India, Modak Plywoods and Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal, Owner, R R Plywood. After thanking the august gathering, guests and dealers Mr Rajesh Aggarwal felicitated Mr Gagan Aggarwal with memento and shawl.

Mr Gagan Aggarwal said, “Six years back we started the journey of Modak Ply. We came into the market with the objective to offer No compromise plywood. Our dealers, stockiest and other channel partners feel proud of having Modak Ply with good quality products. The growth of Modak Ply is an inspiring story of quality and customer service. With world class infrastructure, we are continuously winning the hearts with quality offerings. The introduction of Zero Compromise Ply is our way forward to approach our customers.

Stating on five features of Modak Ply, he explained that the brand visibility - that go at greater level with a professional approach; Quality – there is no need to say as the customers’ response say about it; Personal Touch – as he is not only connected to distributors but equally to the dealers and retailers and company is well aware of the work and demand patterns in different regions having direct feedback from the dealers and retailers from that region.With that we serve them better by solving their problems; Freedom to set your own margin – as company does not interfere in that and Exclusivity in product dissemination – they manage the area in  a way that there is no cross pricing of products.

“We give priority to the relationship and holistic approach to the growth of all associated with us as a family. This is the reason we can give a WOW factor in our product offerings,” said Mr Aggarwal.

During the program a number of target achievers were appreciated with memento which included:   Mr Ajay Madhesia of Madhesia Plywood, Lalganj: Mr Ravindra Nath Chaurasia, Classic Plywood, Samegal; Mr Ajay Vishwakarma, Ajay Plywood, Nandganj;   Mr Guddu Sharma, Maa Ambe Plywood, Ishopur; Mr Shubham Jaiswal, Subham Laminates, Mubarakpur; Mr Akarsh Agarwal, CM Agency, Varanasi. They appreciated the service and quality given by Modak plywood.

offered by them. Mr Ravindra Nath Chaurasia said, “As we come to zero compromise plywood from no compromise, similarly keep offering plus thickness as usual the market will automatically know which one is the best plywood. Mr Ajay Vishwakarma said, “We get satisfaction selling Modak plywood as it gives us assurance of no complaint, which is very good for us.”  Mr Guddu Sharma said, “Modak Plywood is very good and we will continue selling It.” and Mr Akarsh Agarwal said, “I always say to Rajesh ji that selling Modak Plywood is free from worry. I want to say one more thing that we people from Purvanchal get six qualities with Modak Ply. The sixth one is the support from RR Plywood. They always help us in every need.”

Addressing to the dealers Mr Rajesh Aggarwal said that from no compromise the company has come to zero compromise plywood and announced different schemes to achieve target volume Modak Eureka Plywood and Modak Steel Plywood in different slabs. The scheme will be effective from 31 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.


What is the objective for organizing such wonderful gathering?

Mr Rajesh Aggarwal: Our vision is to provide such a quality to the customers, so that they remain connected to us always. In today’s competition we have to be different from others so that our offering creates its own goodwill in that particular area where it goes. Today if anyone is selling cheaper goods, they are not being liked, but the sales supported with quality irrespective to the price create a name of that firm, shops or showrooms. So, we are giving quality plywood in “The New Avatar of Modak Plywood” with zero compromise and with it our objective is to strengthen its market base.

What is the reason to choose Varanasi for launching Modak Ply’s “New Avatar” plywood? 

Mr Gagan Aggarwal: The same question was asked by many people, so I would like to say there are two reasons for it. Firstly, our family is mostly of the spiritual bent of belief and Varanasi is one of the holiest places famous in the world in this respect. And in this way we will be able to get God Shiva’s kind blessings also. The second reason is the cordial relationship with the leading distributor in the region Mr Rajesh Aggarwal of RR Plywood. I think our frequency matches perfectly for execution of any work with perfection. So, this is the reason to choose Varanasi as a place to launch “New Avatar” of Modak ply.

What is the transition in manufacturing and marketing approach in Modak Ply?

Mr Gagan Aggarwal: Modak Ply manufactures with a German pressing machine with auto composition of veneer. There is less manual intervention in operation so there is less possibility of any human error. Not only this, we have also added double press matt ply process for further calibration, so that we can be proud to call our products – Zero Compromise Ply.

In terms of marketing approach we are very aggressively doing brand promotion for its visibility. Besides, there are lots of schemes for dealers/retailers as a part of promotion.

We are expanding our manufacturing facility. We are committed to produce calibrated plywood. In extended premises, we may opt for diversification to other wood panels and decorative products.

What is your expectation with this approach and schemes?

Mr Rajesh Aggarwal: I hope they will achieve it 100% as there are lots of new features in this new avatar with zero compromise ply. We are giving a 21 years warranty against borer and termite. This will give us an added advantage to fight against any product with our world class quality.

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