Dorset Unveils its First 360 Degrees Campaign ‘Every Door Deserves a Dorset’

person access_time5 27 May 2024

Gurugram, India’s leading consumer-oriented company specialising in door hardware and digital locking solutions, Dorset has unveiled its first campaign after over two and a half decades of successful operations in India. A beautifully crafted emotionally packed film that is scheduled to take the ATL route later this week reflects deep-rooted ethos of brand Dorset of being insightful and caring, the hallmarks that it stands for.

Designed on the theme ‘every door deserves a Dorset’, showcases cherished memories and feelings for the family members and evokes emotions for its TG including homeowners/ home buyers, architects, and developers. The brand team had a series of engagements with the homeowners and insights derived from those translated into the campaign.

Speaking on the launch of Dorset’s new campaign, Saurabh Bansal, Joint Managing Director, Dorset Group said, “I am thrilled to unveil a vision that transcends mere construction. Each home that gets constructed harbours a story rich with memories, dreams, and aspirations. At Dorset, we believe, that every door is not just an entrance but a threshold to boundless possibilities, epitomizing the character and allure of your abode. Our campaign resonates with the belief that 'every door deserves a Dorset,' encapsulating our dedication to enhancing your home's safety, security, and soul."

The campaign has been aligned to take a 360-degree route with TV commercials, digital outreach, cinemas, and retail. Its amplification on digital has already been initiated.

Sharing his feelings on the launch of Dorset’s new campaign, Takshay Bansal, Joint Managing Director, Dorset Group said, “At Dorset, we continually strive to push the boundaries of what's possible, leveraging the latest technology and constant innovation to deliver technologically superior products. In this journey, we continue to engage with our customers and besides the functionality aspects, there is a vibe of feelings and emotions. Precisely, that becomes our fuel for innovations and that's why our campaign resonates with the belief that 'every door deserves a Dorset.' It's not just about providing doors; it's about delivering unparalleled quality, reliability, and innovation that exceed our customers' expectations.”

Dorset is one of the leading global manufacturers of door hardware, locking mechanisms and kitchen and furniture fittings. It is the 1st Indian Door Hardware Company with an Eco-Friendly Trichloroethylene Free Cleaning Process. The organisation has 52 designs and 11 patents registered till date making it one of the most dynamic and fastest mark to market company in India.

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