Surge in Ocean freight, Raw materials prices up, MDF, ACP, EDGE BAND tape, Laminate, Decorative panels Prices to rise

person access_time2 04 June 2024

The raw materials prices for making Laminates, PVC Boards and Laminates, Acrylic Sheets, ACP, Edge band Tape, Imported MDF & Veneer are going up in the last two weeks. There is an indication of increase in the prices of these products up to 10% with immediate effect.

The High prices of Ocean Freights have started impacting the wood and decorative panels market. The prices of containers from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia etc are reported to increase 3-4 times in the last fortnight. 

The effect of high ocean freight prices are seen on the jump of prices of PVC resins for making PVC Boards, Laminates and Edge band, Melamine, Phenol, Décor Paper, Kraft Paper for making Laminates, Aluminium Coils for making ACP, Core Veneer and Face Veneer for Plywood etc.

The imported MDF, Acrylic sheets and Louvers prices, Timber prices are also going up due to high logistic costs.

Industry sources indicate that the prices of many wood-panel and decorative products may go up from 5 to 10% depending on different product categories' input costs.

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