Bison Panel Has Gone Beyond Being a Brand; It is Synonymous With the Category Itself

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NCL Industries Ltd is a leading diversified building materials group with an impeccable track-record and a rich legacy. They have been redefining the landscape of construction practices over four decades, specifically in the categories of Cement, Cement Bonded Particle Board, Doors and Energy.

What began modestly is today, a large conglomerate with several marketleading with great brand equity. A talk with Ms Roopa Bhupatiraju, Executive Director, NCL Industries Ltd on Bison Panel, a Cement Bonded Particle Board, a division of group company.

Q. How much is the production capacity of Bison Boards and its utilization?
The current production capacity is 90,000 (MT per Annum). We are maintaining a healthy growth by optimizing the utilization as per the market demands.

We have two state-of-the-art plants in Telangana (Mattapalli) and one in Himachal Pradesh (Paonta Sahib), that help us cater to pan-India demand. From Ladakh to Kerala and Western India (where we have significant market share) to the North-east region, we have an edge over the competition owing to our wellentrenched dealer network.

Q. How did the idea come to mind to produce such panels?
The idea was to create a board that combines the strength of cement and workability of wood.

From 1992, since it forayed into a new category, Bison Panel has created, built, and nurtured the category to emerge as the leading name. Initiated three decades ago with technology collaboration from Bison-Werke of Germany, Bison Panel has, over the years, proved to be the go-to product for its versatile applications, unique properties, and breakthrough global technology.

The product range: Bison Panel, Plain Board, Bison Lam, Bison Plank, Bison Designer Board & Sandwich Panel.

Q. What kind of applications of your products?
Bison Panel is getting wider acceptance in applications of claddings, fixed furniture, decking and other external applications due to its unique features apart from applications such as partitions, doors, false ceilings, panelling, mezzanine floors and a vast other range of applications. As the brand statement says: One Board, Infinite Uses, Bison Panel scores on versatility and is a firm favourite with architects, builders, and customers.

Applications: False Ceilings, Partitions, Floorings, Doors & Windows, Interior Cladding, Exterior Cladding, CNC Design, Roof overlay, Table Tops, Cabinets & Cupboards, Kitchen Platforms & Cabinets, Acoustic Insulation & Wall Panelling.

Q. How is this product different from Fibre Cement Boards and its advantages over other such panels/ boards?
Bison Panel provides the strength of cement and workability of wood, making it unique and one that comes with many features: Strong & Durable, Fire Resistant, Weather Resistant, Termite Proof, Amazing Sound Insulation and Environment-friendly. All this puts Bison Panel in a league of its own. In many parameters, Bison Panel has higher properties and strength compared to other products

Q. Any innovative products in this category, which are produced by only Bison boards?
In the recent past, we have expanded our product portfolio with many exciting additions that are in tune with the changing times, including High Density Boards, Designer Variants, Wall Panels, to name a few that have got instant traction in the markets where these products have been launched.

Bison Panel has been extensively used in airports, F&B outlets, resorts, remodelling railway stations and malls, because of its aesthetic appeal that connects with the modern consumer.

Q. How much is the growth rate? And your future plan for this product category?
The market share is growing at a CAGR of almost 10%. Bison Panel had a huge head start as the pioneering name in CBPB and, over the years, the brand has remained steadfast owing to its commitment to quality, innovation and customer-centric approach. Future plans include expansion of facilities, and introducing new products.

Q. Check points for buyers and users before buying this product.
Bison Panel has gone beyond being a brand, it is synonymous with the category itself. So, as a buyer, you should be cautious and ask only for Bison Panel.

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