Action Tesa 3mm HDHMR, the Ultimate Solution for Innovative Door

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Action TESA 3mm HDHMR is the perfect substitute of core & face in flush doors and also a wise alternate option of raw door skins for designer doors. 3mm HDHMR has opened numerous avenues of value additions on flush doors viz. innovative grooves on the surface, designing as per choice of customer, polishing with exotic colours of choice matching door frames….

3mm HDHMR exhibits unmatched benefits as compared to traditional Flush Doors with the features which include:

  • Huge Surface Strength - Made from Eucalyptus hard wood.
  • Unique Finish – Joint less surface product gives a unique finish in product.
  • Ideal surface to paste the laminate thus no possibility of bubble while pasting Laminates. It gives the value to Brand.
  • Exclusive Block Boards and Door manufactures, need not investment on heavy machines like core dryers.
  • Cost Savvy – Glue, Production & Manpower
  • Smooth Surface - Can be beautifully polished with various Colors matching with Door Frames.
  • Value for Money – Can apply Duco Paint finish, No waviness & consumes less Paint
  • Highly Water Resistant – Can be used in highly moist areas & climate.

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