Teak Veneer Registered Robust Demand, Natural Remains Struggling

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Entire Wood and decorative Panel products have reported to recover its pre-covid sale in SeptemberOctober Month, but the Decorative Veneer sector has reported to struggle due to many challenges. Although, good recovery of Teak Veneer demand, has been supporting the decorative veneer sector, which has reached to pre-covid level as per market report.  

Manufacturers say that Decorative Natural Veneers are mainly consumed in metros and big cities, where the Covid cases were reported more in numbers, hence the users reported to delay their plans, which has affected the pickup of materials.

Market experts say that Hotels, Hospitalities and Tourism sector had been badly affected due to Covid, where the consumption of veneers reduced to bottom level, although there is good demand for teak veneers from many projects, because they have restructured its budget plan. Besides, there is growing demand for readymade furniture in post Covid, where Decorative Veneer consumptions are lesser than other materials. Veneer application is also a time taking process, and post Covid, people are not wishing to give much time for their interior works, hence they have been shifted to maintenance free materials such as decorative laminates, PVC laminates, Charco Panels and other alternative options.

Although, Decorative Veneers Industry are very much hopeful to back the situation normal because the demand has reached to 70 percent of Pre-Covid level, selection in plants have started by many retailers and dealers, there is good demand reported for economical grade natural veneers such as Teak Veneers and other natural range. Veneer Industry says that there is no alternative for Veneers because it is natural products and it is not being replaced by other artificial materials, hence the demand will boost in next year with many new applications and many readymade furniture and doors segments will use more volume in future.

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