The Newly launched Prelam Ply From Splice Is on a Whole New Level

person access_time3 16 November 2023

Escaping the shackles of lamination cost

Traditional plywood and pre-lam ply share a common thread - the precise arrangement of veneers on top of each. An adhesive is used to join these layers and make a stronghold. What separates these two types of plywood is the use of lamination on pre-lam ply, helping it to minimise cracking and edge failure when compared to traditional plywood.

Eliminating the need for adding a finish to the Prelam ply helps save cost, time, and effort. Moreover, the availability of various designs makes the selection process a smooth-sail. With the introduction of Prelam Ply from Splice, the company aims to cover the gap caused by the lack of availability of ready-to-use products, which has hindered the industry for years. 

The makers of these plywoods plans to offer the product at a customer-friendly price, which helps the company, meet the recent rising demands. Splice says that they have crafted this product for quality-conscious customers, for the ones to which attention to detail is at the top of the priority list when choosing plywood. At the launch, the company emphasised one stand-out quality of their Prelam Plywood- its light-weightedness. The product is manufactured keeping in mind its use in furniture, requiring it to shed weight. 

The way forward
The Make In India movement has helped advance Splice as a company. Previously, to own Prelam plywood, customers had to import the product from China, a process that would burn a hole through buyer’s pockets. 

The extensive time Splice has spent on the R&D of the product can be seen when one picks up their plywood. The company offers a multitude of finishes, from classic white marble to a bold one, each curated for the customer’s needs. The pre-lam plywood helps the company expand its horizon of products in a commendable way. It will be an exciting task to find out how the future of this product folds out for Splice.

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