Rover K FT High-Performance NC Processing Centre by Biesse India

person access_time4 09 May 2024

TECHNOLOGIES Biesse India launched Rover K FT extremely compact and high-performance NC processing centre owing to the market demands enabling companies to accept the largest possible number of orders. This machine is coupled with the need to maintain high quality standards whilst offering product customisation with quick and reliable delivery times. The wide range of sizes available enables panels of all dimensions typical of nesting process to be machined, enabling customers to choose the machines that best meet their needs. It gives maximum panel security due to an advanced distributed vaccum system within the work table. This is an ideal solution for artisan producers and for small and medium-sized businesses which require flexibility and ease of use within a limited production space.

“This particular machine is used for panel like plywood, MDF, WPC etc sizing operations with minimum manpower uses. Customers using panel saw, they have to put three four manpower to work with. With this particular machine they can reduce the manpower for a particular demand of production. It precision will be higher and individual safety is there with this machine. Operator will not have any harm. This is basically industrial technology for flat table and cnc machines. It is also used for carving and making of kitchen cabinets. The machine can perform tending operation. It can cut the panels, routing it, and make drills at a time. This is new launch and we are expecting nearly 20 machines for installation this year,” Santhosh G, Deputy Manager – Product Management, Biesse India.


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