Volatile Face Veneer Leads To Trust Deficit! - Rajiv Parashar, Editor, Ply Reporter

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Since 2014 after log export ban from Burma, the Face Veneer procurement has been a herculean task for the Indian Plywood Industry. Until now, Industry has been struggling for consistent supply, standard thickness, suitable quality, and price stability. Indian Plywood manufacturers have been trying their best to get Face Veneer because it is a significant component for making plywood and it adds value to quality, look and touch. Indians have invested lots of money in a number of ventures overseas in Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia and Gabon. Yet the industry does not have a suitable or sustainable source, where it can rely for consistent good quality supply at affordable prices.

In last 7 years, the Indian Plywood industry has accelerated with around 40% rise in its production capacity. Accordingly, the consumption of Face Veneer has also grown parallel to this. But they don’t have a certain solution for its procurement, and industries are now compelled to use at least two dozen varieties of Face Veneer which was earlier divided in hardly 6 to 7 grades earlier. Industry has been getting Gurjan, Keruing, PNG, Soloman, Okoume, Recon, Kraft Paper, Melamine Paper and many more but it is also surprising that none of them hold a ‘stable and best’ tag as per industry requirement and standard.


Most importantly, the Industry is clearly lacking a standardization in face veneer thickness, which is another big challenge and thus uses of face is becoming useless with reducing thicknesses of Face veneer. The available thicknesses are not at all adding the strength, even cosmetics and do not qualify the BIS standard also. With increasing prices, the suppliers match the rate with reducing quality and thickness of face veneer, which is continuing to force the industry to look for other options such as reckon veneers, Kraft Papers and Melamine Papers.

The growing trend of Matt Ply manufacturing is another available option as replacement of face veneer because in the present challenging time Industry could not want to bear beyond Rs 4 sqft input cost on Face Veneer prices. Industry also thinks that they should not invest much Dollar for Face Veneer buying and must look for Make In India alternate, which would be affordable, suitable and sustainable.


This August 2021 Issue has covered a Success Story of a visionary businessman and former founder of Uniply brand Mr. B L Bengani for his new project in India, as NFC board, which is learning for those who believe in innovation and quality. The interaction with the Mr. Kanti Patel, Director of Real Touch Laminates, an oldest brand from Morbi, Gujarat is also an eye-opener of industry and trade. Besides, lots of news reports related to the recent increase of raw materials prices pushing the hike of finished products rates, other news reports, launches, happenings and many more ….

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