Laminate prices may go up as Anti-dumping duty imposed on import of Chinese Decor Paper

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Government has decided to impose anti-dumping duty on import of décor paper from China. The notification was issued on December 27th that said, anti-dumping duty on 3 Chinese decor paper companies will be around $110 per metric ton while the other Chinese decor paper exporting companies will be charged $542 per MT. The order was given after an investigation where domestic paper manufacturing company ITC Ltd submitted an application stating that the domestic industry is suffering due to imported décor paper from China. It further said that it is necessary to impose anti-dumping duty on such companies to save domestic Paper industries.

From now, print base paper, white and off white paper, shuttering base paper, overlay paper, barrier paper etc will be charged with anti-dumping duty on imports from China, which are major raw materials for laminate and pre-laminate boards manufacturing.

The Indian laminate industry is currently dependent on imported décor paper from China and many believe that the industry will suffer as well with the imposition of anti-dumping duty. They also believe that the cost of their product will increase by Rs 10-40 per sheet and their product will become costlier in the coming times.

The décor paper importers have said that the duty will be high after barring three companies from China. They have also shown their concern and said that this move by the Government is irrational and that they will take the matter to the court.

However, the laminates and Pre-lam manufacturing companies have now estimated the basic cost of their input cost and they will now have to increase the prices of their finished products.

Approx 40 décor paper printing companies in India are also surprised with this decision and have said that this move will harm their industry in many ways. Firstly, their product will now become expensive and secondly, the printed decor paper from China will now be easily sold in the market. They have also been demanding that the government should also impose anti-dumping duty on printed décor paper imported from China as well.

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