HPL Cladding Re-Emerging, Residential Sector Support Demand

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With improvement in supply of high quality exterior HPL cladding that enhances the life and aesthetics of any building from outside, the growth in availability is visible. The demand has also picked up during last two years as seen on fabricators side. It is equally true that ACP based look alike cladding plank, has taken a significant chunk from the segment yet HPL based cladding has improved. HPL cladding has evolved as an important home décor product for exterior application.

A study done by Ply Reporter, observed clearly indicated a re-emergence of uses in certain areas in HPL clads. The premium segment villa’s, home and farm houses having larger fence and façade in metros and surrounding big cities are using more of cladding materials lately. The design options in Stones and Marbles in HPL has given an edge to use of cladding.

According to The Ply Reporter study, there are varieties of products being applied in exterior cladding whose application cost is ranging for Rs. 150 to Rs. 1000/ sq ft. Starting from Texture paint to fibre cement board to ACP then High-Pressure Laminate cladding, WPC or Wooden planks, Metal sheets or imported stones all the options are being used.

Suburbs and tourist locations prefer to use HPL where as Farm houses are using more of Fibre Cement Boards, PVC based panels or wooden planks. The differentiation in looks arebeing preferred with HighPressure Laminates (HPL) cladding as ACP based HPL look alike have witnessed some quality issues as expressed by the traders and designers. The fraternity of designers are using HPL cladding and WPC claddings lately and both are starting from 350 psf for a consumer.

Experts say that HPL cladding materials have good availability in the market, and companies in this segment are giving warranty of quality, variety in colors, brand value and trust. These HPL companies are known among fabricators also, that is why he recommends using HPL cladding in building façade.

As per report, brands such as Greenlam, Stylam, Century, Merino, Fundermax, Royale Touche, ALFA ICA have been largely working in creating awareness among users, architects, engineers and fabricators. They are continuously meeting with fabricators and educating them. The Ply Reporter study in the last two years indicate a growth of approximately 22% in the HPL market.

Two dozen other domestic brands are preparing to enter in this space. There are 40 shade cards of approximately 20-24 designs available in Exterior laminates category. In which many brands outsource materials from others, but do sell with proper presentation, give warranty of color and offer different thickness as well.  

The market reports indicate that earlier HPL cladding from a brand is available with double side UV coated with thickness of 6 mm, but now with rising demand the brands are offering economical range products by reducing its thickness and using one side UV. Many places with one side UV with 5 mm thickness range products are being used. Ply Reporter talked to a number of fabricators in this regard and they say that in this segment the domestic players’ quality is also satisfactory.

Fabricator’s view that this is a good initiative by HPL producers to reduce thickness along with price as well because it will not affect the quality of products, similarly they can offer this product to many users who have less budget but we supply whatever we commit and the brands are doing as per commitment.

In the cities of states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana etc people have been constructing Bungalows, Kothi’s and Villas, where the façade of building has also been considered as an important area for its aesthetic look, energy saving, etc. Increasing the requirements of homeowners, Architects and engineers are recommending the use of suitable cladding materials for building facia, fencing, gate etc.

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