Renovation Works Boost Panel Products Demand in Kerala

person access_time   4 Min Read 15 January 2019

The devastating flood in Kerala that impacted so many lives and living last year, is now the cause of demand for rebuilding materials and workers. With normalcy returning to Kerala, people are re-settling their home, interiors and furniture. The rehabilitation and renovation work are in full swing thus helping the demand for of different panel products in Kerala state. While visiting Kerala market, various dealers from Cochin told the Ply Reporter correspondent that ‘the demand of panel products mainly of PVC/WPC boards, Cement Fibre Boards, Marine Grade Plywood, HDHMR grade boards etc have increased compared to June-Oct spell. With festival and marriage seasons approaching, affected households are renovating interiors, kitchen and furniture and repairing their household items and vehicles.

Dealers from Calicut believe that demand for FCB (Fibre Cement Boards) and WPC (Wood Plastic Composites) are increasing in Kerala market also due to its anti borer and water resistance properties. According to market feedback ‘710 grade plywood demand’ looks tapering in Kerala because there is too much of fake 710 grade materials despite giving guarantees for water and termite proof, hence the users are shifting towards WPC and HDHMR boards. Mr Prashant from A K Panels, Mangalore confirmed that their WPC products demand is robust and growing in Kerala market. AK Panels has achieved good volumes of WPC products from Kerala compared to their plywood in 2018.

According to manufacturers catering to Kerala market, the demand is phenomenal and good but is certainly temporary, that may extend up to March 2019. There is high speed renovation work happening hence materials are moving fast but the payment flow is not in same speed. The reason told by people was ‘Since most of the residents in Kerala stays in Gulf countries and situation in Dubai, Middle East and Gulf Countries are not so promising, hence sustaining their work and jobs is becoming difficult hence reducing their disposable income. Conclusively the observation was, there is a good demand for all panel products and interior items at present and if you have a network, it’s time to do business.

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