Fire Safety: Precaution Is The Only Solution - Rajiv Parashar, Editor, Ply Reporter

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Wood, Decorative Panel, PVC based industries are highly prone to fire, because these industries are handling with raw materials such as timber, phonel, Melamine, Formaldehyde, PVC resin, Paper etc which are inflammable and extend to high risk. These industries had seen many fire incidences that caused high losses and even at times they could not revive. The summer season is always challenging for the wood panel sector, because most of the fire incidents are reported during this period.

In 2021, we saw some major fire cases in the panel manufacturing sector. Nagpur based Spacewood furniture manufacturing unit, Gandhidham based Arunachal Timber’s Particle Boards unit were completely destroyed due to fire. Besides there were fire incidents reported in many wood based panel units in Punjab, Haryana, UP, Rajasthan, Gujarat also. Recently Alstone WPC plant based in Rajasthan was gutted into fire which is said to be anticipated for losses in crores.

As per report, there had been approx. a dozen small and big fire cases reported every year in panel based manufacturing industries, which loose in billions directly or indirectly. The fire incidents had disturbed the entire ecosystem of the company for a long-term. Hence, wood and decorative panel industries should be more attentive to prevent the fire cases in their manufacturing establishments.

Manufacturing units should take all preventive majors to avoid any fire incidents, for this the units should invest extra money when they plan layout, they should also install fire extinguishers equipment and create a separate trained team, who will always be ready to fight during every odd situation. Always keep in mind that panel based manufacturing units use highly inflammable raw materials, and this should be on top priorities for the safety. Industries should also insure their assets for the future, and take these steps as mandatory investments.

This April 2022 issue has news and facts of the present situation of the wood panel sector due to inflation, short supply of materials and its impact on related industries. Particle Boards and MDF industries continue expanding in North and South India, there are brief reports covered. The introduction of Low Emission Premium Plus Boards from Century Prowud is another good step from brand Century Ply to offer a health friendly product for users, which has been covered in this issue, which details interview with Mr. Avatar Singh Bhullar of Century Prowud. The get-together of Century Royal Club Members at Goa rejuvenated them, which has featured in this issue, along with many new launches, summits and events published.

Wishing all the prosperous Financial Year 2023

Rajiv Parashar

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