Trenox Laminates, (Trenox Laminates Group)

Jathlana , Haryana

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With 25 years of experience in Wood Industry, founded in 2017, with diverse business interests we are driven by our constant effort to maintain economy, quality, excellence and ethics in all our businesses. We export to number of countries around the globe. The Trenox Laminates Group established its first prelaminated particle board manufacturing plant near Yamuna Nagar, village Jathlana , Haryana, India and further went on to expand its production of new laminate products, including glass epoxy and flame retardant paper laminates. Trenox Laminates is a large manufacturer which specializes in pre laminated particle board and pre laminated MDF marketing all over the world and produces high-quality pre laminated board. All equipment and technology are introduced abroad causing us to maintain a good reputation of our products in the market, especially in Asia, Europe and around. Each style of Trenox product is produced in a batch only after it has been tested by both the European and Indian standards. Our products include prelaminated MDF board (Starting Soon) which are mainly applied to furniture manufacturing, family decoration and engineering decoration around the world. Optimizing on all our streamlined manufacturing facilities manned by a team of experts, we assure that every product which rolls out of our unit, holds characteristics of high-end technology, innovation, and simplicity incorporated in our procedures. Toiling extensively hard at our unit, we are focused about our job and are consistently making breakthroughs in better product development. Our products express all new concept of life, which have first class impressions of decoration and compact fit . We implement total quality management in purchasing, manufacturing, distribution and customer service.

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