Gandhidham , Gujarat

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In the year Dec – 1996 the Government of India stopped cutting of trees in the North East region and the Timber and Plywood Manufacturer / Traders had to shift their operation to other states in India. Import of timber logs had already started in Kandla / Gandhidham, quantity and quality timber logs available in this area. Thus many of the manufacturers of Plywood and Veneer shifted to Kandla / Gandhidham complex. The CPL Group also sensed the opportunity to venture in the manufacture of Plywood / Veneer and a manufacturing facility with the objective to create a market in the Plywood / Veneer trade under the Brand name of CPL was initiated In the last 20 year various optical of timber logs were readily available in good quantity & quality in this area number of products like Laminate, Formaldehyde, Resin, Sanitary Napkin extra and have achieved great success in the market.

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