REAL TOUCH, (Rangoli Laminates Pvt Ltd)

Morbi , Gujarat

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Realtouch was founded in 1998 in Gujarat as a laminate manufacturer. Today, the brand stand among the top leaders in the laminates industry and reaches out to designers, architects, manufacturers and contractors who face challange when specifying a high pressure laminate. With time, Realtouch grew up rapidly and evolved continuous change in the entire manufacturing branch. The brand as well developing gradually to achieve the name that it is today in the laminates industry. 

Realtouch is one of the masters in the field of interior decorative for the home and office. The company started from scale zero and reached global heights from late 90s till present with the mentality of a craftsman and the exemplary efforts of all that joined their journey. Today, the company innovates, design and manufacture high quality laminates that bring a change in the interior design and furniture segment of the laminates industry.

The brand has achieved one of its objectives of optimization of the interior product of decoration that allows its customers to achieve the most balanced quality and service ratio.

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