Chitwan, (Shiv Sagar Wood Products Pvt Ltd)

Bareilly , Uttar Pradesh

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The brand “Chitwan” is one of the most-trusted and well-known names in the premium segment of plywood, wood-panel and decorative surface products. Strategically located in the centre of Indian subcontinent’s geographical zone named Bareilly (U.P.) makes it easy for us to cater to requirements of interior-decorators, architects, carpenters and numerous other wood-working professionals spread across India.

Our company offers comprehensive range of engineered wood products which includes:

  •  Chitwan Prime - Marine Grade Plywood
  •  Chitwan Club - Extra Layer Plywood
  •  Chitwan Gold - Moisture Resistant Plywood
  •  Chitwan Silver - Moisture Resistant Plywood
  •  Chitwan Block Boards
  •  Chitwan Flush Doors

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